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Tuesday 4 September 2007

This week

Last week one of our guests spotted a young deer running across the field at the back of our house. He was really pleased, because it was the first time he had seen one close up.
This week our new guests arrived on Saturday and they were very complimentary, they said that our gites are the best that they have stayed in, in france.
Yesterday it was a lovely day so we spent the afternoon on the beach at a small town near La Rochelle, called Fouras. Although the tide was a long way out there is a large salt water pool on the end of the center beach for swimming.
Today near La Rochelle and the rest of France, it's la rentrée(back to school) lots of happy parents dropping their children off and in some cases crying children including my own son!

1 comment:

sylvie d said...

j'espere que la rentree s'est bien passee?