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Friday 31 August 2018

Ode to Montlieu

Thank you to An Early 2018 guest who wrote his thoughts as a poem:-
“Ode to Montlieu”
We went to France for a treat
And came across a lovely Gite
Owned by Nigel and Suzanne too
“La Metairie de Montlieu”
Without ado without a fuss
They welcomed both the two of us
Gave us info and their likes
And trusted us with their bikes
Where to eat, what food to try?
We asked with quite a hungry sigh
We know a place that will not fleece
In Vouhe called the “Petite Caprice”!
The food was good, the price just right
The village itself a lovely sight
On our return we sought more news
With Nigel we just could not lose
“Try Coulon” said he in Venis Vert
Immediately we went without a care
Venice green without a coat
On the canal we took a boat
So peaceful and nice it is a must
In Nigels words you must always trust
How to thank him is there a catch!
An invitation to a football match!
See England play in a warm up game
Before they claim their rise to fame
Louis joined us, not a fan fool hardy
Hoping Southgate had selected Vardy!
An England win – they are on the up
Now off to Russia to lift the cup
Just what is it we are trying to say?
Thank you family for a lovely stay!

It makes us realise that we are doing something right, thank you again for such nice comments. 
I think that our situation here helps tourists relax but also is ideal for site seeing, being in close proximity to the coast, Historic La Rochelle and Rochefort, Venis vert and of course the Islands of Re, Oleron & Aix.

Winters walk on the coast