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Monday 29 September 2008

Walking the bridge to Ile de Ré

A beautiful Sunday afternoon (no wind) so we thought we would walk the bridge to Il de Ré near La Rochelle, it's about 3 kilometers long. There were'nt many walkers, but there were loads of cyclists all carrying their picnic's to spend the afternoon on the beach.
On the way back we all thought it would be better to catch the bus (we're not as fit as we should be!) after all it was only 2 stops. What we did'nt realise was that the bus fare has gone up in price and was very expensive, we will definately walk back next time!

Sunday 28 September 2008

A taste of France in the local Restaurant in Landrais

Last night we all went down to our local restaurant in Landrais. It's a table d'hôtes which means there is no choice of menu, you have what they cook on the night and it's usually regional Charentaise specialities cooked on the premises, the menu changes from week to week. We were the first to arrive (being English) at 7.30 and by 8 the restaurant was full. It's usually a 5 course menu, so I suggest not to eat anything before you go. The owner/chef is a real character, he usually comes out of the kitchen and explains what's on the menu of the evening. Last night we started off with aperatif and nibbles, then they bring a two tier tray of 3 types of homemade patès (one vegetable) with a confit of onion (type of relish). On the top tier there are several dishes of fried fish, snails, pastries filled with cod, little pots of tomatoe soup and salad. For the main course we had a large dish of Mojettes (white beans) with ham and sausage in a delicious sauce and the waitress said if we require a top up just let her know! By which time we could hardly move! Next came the selection of 3 types of cheese, one was a fresh goats cheese that you eat with honey and Cognac. Last but not least came dessert which was a Caramel cream flan with raspberries and creme Anglais. Washed down with an excellent bottle of Red wine.

You get all this (wine extra) for just 18euro's per person, children half price. If that's not enough he makes jars of pates, soups, etc...... to take away for presents.

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Journées Patrimoine La Rochelle 2008

Along a nondescript looking road by the market place a single door opens to steps descending down into an underground labyrinth of concrete tunnels and rooms, This is the German operations bunker for the u-boat operations running out of La Rochelle during the second world war, this bunker is always opened up on the Patrimoine weekend every September by the enthusiastic owner and collector of wartime memorabilia, with its own air supply if needed its design is similar to a U-boat and I found the photographs and news paper clippings fascinating. Walking back into the streets after a visit you could almost hear the sound of jackboots on the cobbles.

Thursday 18 September 2008

Grand Pavois Boat Show, La Rochelle.

The Grand Pavois Boat Show at La Rochelle, finished again until this time next year.
Its a spectacular show set in the large port of Minimes, every conceivable water transport is on show from kite surfing, canoes, engines and accessory's to wandering around the multi million pound yachts.
A great day out.

Sunday 14 September 2008

Fireworks at the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle

Last night we all went to La Rochelle to watch the fireworks courtesy of the Grand Pavois boat show, the biggest show on water in Europe. We arrived at 7 and sat on the entrance to the port, and ate our picnic with a bottle of rosé on the grass. There were Irish dancers on a large boat, water skiing, as the sun went down into the sea and the show commenced with a row of old sailing ships passing by under a few small fireworks, the towers changed colour to music. The story began and the night was filled with lights, loud bangs and loads of smoke.

Sunday 7 September 2008

Customer Review

30/8/08- 6/9/08

The week has flown and we still hav'nt managed to visit Ile d'oleron..... a great excuse to return here. Not that we need an excuse, it's such a lovely place to stay.
Many thanks,
Vicky & David

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Forte Vauban, Fouras

The weather was'nt too good on Sunday, so I decided to go and have a look around Forte Vauban in Fouras, it stands proud overlooking the sea near the Grande plage. As you climb the forte the museum inside has lots of interesting artefacts of Fouras in the past, costumes, maps and local information and near the windows there are carvings in the stone, names and dates etc. When you reach the top you can see for miles!