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Wednesday 25 March 2009

Sunday afternoon at Chatelaillon Races

Chatelaillon has a small race track and they have around 18 meetings each year. Theres a restaurant and a bar that sells snacks etc. Here they call the jockeys 'trotteurs' it's not the same as in the UK, they sit behind the horse on a small one man cart and if the horse canters it is disqualified it has to run in a certain way. It's well worth a visit and the next meetings are;

Sunday 12th April 2009,

Friday 1st May,

Monday 1st June,

Monday 22nd June,

Tuesday 14th July,

Monday 10th August,

Tuesday 18th August,

Wednesday 19th August,

Friday 20 March 2009

New swimming pool for 2009

Today the walls on the swimming pool have finished being built using 'cash blocs' (made from polystyrene for extra insulation) and filled with steel & concrete, the skimmers, lights and jets have been installed. Tomorrow work on the stairs will be started.

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Progress on the Pool

First we put the metal work in, fixed it together to reinforce the concrete. We then put the 'Bonde de fond' (water outlet) in the center of the deep end of the pool. Next we had 2 lorry loads of ready mix arrive on the same day to lay the concrete base. We are now waiting for the concrete to go off before we can start on building up the walls.