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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Collection of old cars in Landrais near La Rochelle, Charente Maritime, France.

An amazing personal collection of old vehicles most in good working order. The collection is here in Landrais.

Monday 15 June 2015

Port ouvert, La Pallice, La Rochelle

Sunday June 14th the Commercial port at La Pallice opened its gates to the public and put on a nautical display of working boats, had bus and boat rides around the harbour and installations and of course around the historical German submarine base that controlled the Atlantic in WW2 and Where also the famous 'Das Boot' and 'Indiana Jones and the lost ark' was filmed (Which they actually played on a big screen in the evening). The life boat and Helicopter put on a demonstration of rescue as a man and stretcher was lowered onto the boat then retrieved later. nautical games were played and information concerning the working port were displayed (In French). The Cruise liner 'Star Legend' and its passengers left the Port in the afternoon and had to traverse through a small 22 metre wide lock unbelievably 9961 tons went straight through without touching the sides!
unluckily the weather was not as good as it usually is at this time of the year but it did not dampen a great afternoon out.