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Monday 19 January 2015

l’Hermione Sets Sail from Rochefort

After 17 years of construction the frigate l’Hermione has finally sailed in the estuary of Charente.
On September 7, 2014 more than 50,000 curious and history enthusiasts accompanied it from the banks of the river and on more then 1,500 boats as it left the commerce port of the Rochefort – where it was pulled from the docks of the shipyard – and sailed on the river and sea stopping at the Aix Island. L’Hermione paid tribute to the large crowd gathered with cannon fire.
It has since been doing sea trails and has visited ports on the West coast including Bordeaux where many more visited her.
She has now returned to Rochefort and is in her docks for all to see before her sail to America which is scheduled for April 2015 where it is planned she will follow her original course to help George Washington in the war or independence, sailing first to  1) The Canary islands 2) Yorktown, Virginia 3) Mount Vernon in Fairfax county, Virginia 4) Alexandria, Virginia 5) Annapolis, Maryland 6) Baltimore, Maryland       7) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 8) New York  9) Greenport, New York 10)  Newport, Rhode Island 11) Boston, Massachusetts 12) Castine in Hancock County, Maine 13) Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 14) Back to Rochefort stopping at Brest on route, travelling about 9000 kilometres total distance.