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Wednesday 4 November 2009

Rastafarian Donkey's

Here in the Poitou Charente we have a local Donkey locally known as 'Baudet du Poitou', about 30 mins from here near Dampierre s/ Boutonne (further inland) there is a large farm which have started a breeding programme. In 1977 there was only 44 of these 'Baudet' in the whole of the world. Now, because of these special breeding programmes there are around 1000 and the numbers are steadily growing. This year the L'Asinerie du baudet du Poitou had around 10 babies and you can go into the field and stroke them. Initally these donkey's were bred with Poitou shire horse to make a large & very strong Mule used in the second world war.

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