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Thursday 1 October 2009

Grande Pavois boat show & firework display

On Saturday afternoon we took ourselves off to La Rochelle to visit the fantastic 'Grande Pavois' floating boat show, there are thousands of exhibitors selling their wares from childrens dinghies, training Yachts upto £4 million catarmarins, every type of sailing and moterboat was on display, Speedboats, fishing, leisure craft for daily or to live off, sailing and moterboat lessons, boat accessories etc. Some good deals were to be had this year as the price of some were noticeably reduced.
Their was also a good display of beach equipment surf boards, Kite surfs, wind surfs, etc; and all manner of canoes, they have certainly changed since I did canoeing in my younger days, now you can get canoes with a sail or with peddles which pushes the canoe along and even with a small moter powered by a solar panal!
A great day out with thousands of visitors enjoying the sunshine.
Then early evening everybody moved around the old port facing the channel as old and new boats paraded up and down the channel, The champion of France and a disabled wave boarder gave us a display, keeping us all in anticipation for the sound and light spectacular which as the sky turned red and the sun dipped down below the horizon more and more people turned out until the crowds were 10 to 15 deep. The story teller and music started in a melancholy tone as old fashioned sailing boats came along the channel, as they floated past the night then burst into light and music as the castle walls changed colours from the glow of lights and fireworks all in time to the loud music, The air was filled with light and smoke for a good 30 minutes as the music from all eras blasted out from the speakers until the last magnificent crescendo exploded into the sky making the night feel like day.
Its an amazing show and well worth seeing.

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