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Sunday 9 August 2009

Walk to Fort Enet

The locally famous Forte Boyard guards the channel between Ile d'Oleron and Ile d'Aix, on all points of the mainland and Islands around the estuary of the Charente river fortes have been built to guard the entrance, because Napolean needed to build ships without the English sailing in and destroying them before they were completed.

One of the channels between Fouras on the mainland and Ile d'Aix is guarded by another less known Fort surrounded by the sea called Forte Enet, on very low tides is accessable by foot and there is a guided tour available of the inside which is very interesting and great views around. Money is being spent to renovate it for the public, but it is a long way off being finished. To our surprise there was a little white car parked inside, somebody lives in just a small part of it!

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